Mikmak, Watch Laugh Shop!

Everyone has heard of QVC, infomercials, and product demonstrations. You've probably watch one on or more in you life, but they are pretty much the same thing every time. Someone has the product and is simply demonstrating what it does before trying to get you to buy it. And it's pretty boring...but theres something new!

Mikmak is a reinvention of QVC, infomercials, and product demonstrations that was created to sell products in a funny, simple, and effective way! 

With a similar set up to Vine, you simply scroll through the app and you stop on different products, them a video starts to play. The video demonstrates the products in a short and funny way. At the bottom of each video you can like, share, or buy the product! Mikmak is a great way to shop, download it on the app store today!

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