Google Cardboard - It's amazing what cardboard can do!

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As simple as they are, cardboard boxes are pretty great. When you were a child you probably made one into a fort, castle, puppet theater, or toy car. The best part about cardboard is that it can become anything—all you need is your imagination—and now a smart phone...

Google has been developing and selling a revolutionary cardboard box over the last few years. This box is known as Google Cardboard, and it isn't just a box. Google cardboard folds into a goggle like shape with a slot for your smart phone. Once you place your phone into the slot, you can experience virtual reality.

Google cardboard has a variety of compatible applications that range from 3d games to music concerts. You simply open up the application and when you put google cardboard on, you can see in 3D! The gyroscope and accelerometer in the phone also allow you to move around in the 3D space and truly experience virtual reality.

Google cardboard is simple and effective, it is available for purchase and comes with everything you need to operate it! Buy it and experience virtual reality today!

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