GeeGee's top 10 things to do at the beach!

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It's finally summertime! And for many people that means hitting up the local beach or visiting a beach town while on vacation. But if you think that spending time at the beach is limited to just swimming, then you are missing out on a lot! There are a ton of great activities and things to do at the beach besides just going for a swim. Here are GeeGee's top 10 things to do at the beach!


1) Sun tan

Now that the air is warm and the sun is out, it's a great time to work on that summer tan you have always wanted! The beach is a great place to lay out and enjoy the heat!


2) Ride a bike or longboard

At every beach you go to you will see at least one person on a bike or longboard. Most beaches even offer rental bikes and boards! Bring or rent one and ride it along the boardwalk!


3) Go surfing

Nothing says beach more than surfing! Bring your surfboard down to your local beach, hop in the water, and surf! If you have ever tried surfing before, get out there and try it!


4) Shop at the seaside shops

A lot of beaches have shops along the boardwalk or a little beach village filled with shops. There are restaurants, clothing stores, surf shops, and much more!


5) Build a sandcastle


One of the classic beach activities is building a sand castle! You can make them intricate or simple, all you need is a bucket, shovel, and sand! 


6) Meet new people

Everyday the beach is filled with people from all over. Next time you are there, try making new friends, join a random bonfire, and just meet new people!


7) Paddle board, kayak, or snorkel

Many beaches offer paddle board, kayak, or snorkel rentals where you can go out, fave fun with friend, and see fish!


8) Take photographs

The beach is a popular place for photos of all kind! If you have a Cannon or just a smart phone, you can take some pretty amazing photos!


9) Have a bonfire

Any beach you go to at night, you will see people having fun around a bonfire. Bonfires are a great way to get people together and have fun! Next time you are at the beach, stick around after sunset!


10) Watch the sunset


At the end of everyday, the sun sets over the water and creates a fantastic display of colors and light!  Everyone enjoys watching!

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