I Am Prodigee

About Us

Prodigy: A person with exceptional talent or ability. We see the pioneers of this industry as true prodigies.

Why Prodigee?

We were fascinated by the mobile revolution and the way it quickly
transformed every aspect of the way we live. We see the pioneers of this
industry as true prodigies.

Our mission is to create and bring to the industry exceptional products. Always innovated, always at the forefront of consumer needs. We take pride in what we do.

On the flip side, our company culture is built around enjoying the journey and having fun along the way.

An intentional typo "ee" - Prodigee for the genius generation where fun and innovation meet.

How It All Started

A piece of the American dream began. It all started from a single accessory’s kiosk in a mall in southern California, iPlayNtalk. The concept quickly grew to operate over 100 kiosks in shopping malls across the US and a several locations in Europe.

Our passion for accessories led us to develop our own products and Prodigee was born.

Founded in 2012 and based in San Diego, California by an enthusiastic and creative team to bring you great quality products that offer protection, style, and function.

With Prodigee our Safetee™ cases are always in style. Be Magneteek™ and attract more with our line of magnet incorporated products. You can count on our power accessories and always be full of Energee™. Let go and enjoy the ride with our Hands Free™ lineup of auto and on-the-go products.

Our portfolio is diverse and intentional, what we can create is limitless.

We are thankful for the opportunity to sell our products all over the world. Building trusted relationships with our reseller partners, and a great attention to detail continues to be our biggest attribute and reward. We continue to stay true to what’s most important, bringing to life products we all need and love… always enjoying the journey and having fun along the way!