5 Steps to an Epic Summer


With summer coming up in the next few weeks, everyone is looking for fun and new things to do. There are a lot of list that offer ideas of cool things to do over the summer, but none of the will be this epic! Follow these five steps and you will have an amazing summer!


Step 1) Rent a one-way RV

"Whats a one-way rental?" you might ask...each year Cruise America provides thousands of one-way rental opportunities with their 120 rental locations in the US and Canada. You simply pick up your RV at one location, and then drive it to another. RV rentals are available at cruiseamerica.com and you can plan your route with the tools on roadtrippers.com.


Step 2) Stop at some music festivals on the way

Once you have your one-way RV and your route mapped out, musicfestivaljunkies.com offers deals on music festivals all over the country. Simply find a concert or festival along your route, buy tickets, and go!


Step 3) Go on a day hike

There are thousands of great day hikes around the country! In its simplest definition, a day hike is a wilderness walk you can complete in a single day, which means that you can go fast and light! Check out the 40 Great American Day Hikes to Do This Summer to see the best ones. Then pick one or two, stop for a day, and Hike! 


Step 4) Party at a lake

A lake vacation might not sound all that fun...but not all lakes are the calm, southern-style vacation spots that you might be thinking of. World record boat tie-ups, yachts that cost six-figures, and double-decker party barges have turned some lake scenes into one summer-long spring break for everyone to have fun! Check out the Top Party Lakes!


Step 5) Finish your trip with a cruise

Once you drop off your one-way RV, what better way to end the trip then taking a cruise! Carnival offers tons of deals and last minute cruises for you and your family. You can take the cruise from your RV drop off location and enjoy the onboard activities, sights, and excursions that Carnival has to offer!


If you follow these five steps, your summer will be filed with adventure, activities, and fun leaving you with a ton of memories that will last forever! You won't want your summer to end!


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