Introducing Our Brand New Line of iPhone 6 Cases

Prodigee’s Fashion Forward Cases Fit Perfectly with the iPhone 6 Innovations

Slickest, Most Relevant iPhone 6 Cases, Meeting the Innovation Apple Brings with the iPhone 6, Ready to be Your New iPhone’s Bodyguard with  the Wallegee+, Undercover and Kick Slider

San Diego, CA, September 9, 2014: Today, Prodigee, announced the release of 3 of the slickest and most suitable cases for the iPhone 6, completely adapting to the new features of the iPhone, and holding the customer in the forefront of their mind, Prodigee was able to deliver breakthrough innovations with their new cases. Putting names to these innovative cases, Prodigee introduced ; Wallagee+, Undercover, and Kick Slider. All 3 creating  their own niche at intersection of beauty and applicable usability.

“The iPhone 6 cases are the most innovative cases we’ve ever created,” said Eran Shalon, CEO of Prodigee. “We’ve packed an abundant amount of functionality and forward thinking into a highly versatile, sleek, and tasteful iPhone 6 case. We believe that our customers will love this case as much as their new iPhone 6.”

Acknowledging the responsibility of protecting the most advanced phone ever made was an opportunity Prodigee seized.  Understanding that the iPhone 6 will be an important part of your everyday life, Prodigee made all 3 cases have a comfortable, secure and functional design. This is seen in the stunning  designs and unique features all 3 cases individually offer.

Wallegee+:  This convertible case gives you 2 wallets in 1, allowing you to carry credit cards, money, ID and your phone in the detachable section. That detachable section comes from a base protective wallet cover that embodies a soft interlining design plus being a handy sleeve for multiple cards and cash.

Bonus: This case has a stand-alone feature for handsfree viewing making it  a perfect companion for the iPhone 6’s larger 4.7 inch screen.

Undercover: For a sleeker  look, Prodigee created the, Undercover. This case securely holds up to 3 cards or ID’s with  the spring action card tray.. Coming in a multitude of colors from pink to powder white; the undercover   was designed to be minimalist while still being tailored to your everyday fashion lifestyle.

Bonus:  Extend the card tray and add a credit card or ID in the opening groove to give your case an on the go kickstand.

Kick Slider: Prodigee focuses  on bringing innovation and protection to cases all while keeping the iPhone’s natural uniqueness. The Kick Slider lends itself to a minimalist approach,  with an easy to snap-in, two-piece polycarbonated protective case. The case is not bulky, and has  just enough to protect your brand new iPhone.


All Prodigee cases named above have a 50% off limited time offer that will end once the iPhone 6 hits stores on September 19th. Prodigee has also redesigned five of the current iPhone 5 collections to fit the new iPhone 6 including: Carbon Fusion, Flow, Neo, Sparkle Fusion, and Sleek Slider. This pre-order promotion can be accessed via (link).

5 series upgraded

  • Carbon Fusion
  • Sparkle Fusion
  • Neo
  • Flow
  • Sleek Slider

These cases will be in stock no later than October 7th. PRE-ORDER today and get 50% off!



About Prodigee:

A company that brings leading-edge originality to creating accessories that not only provide protection, but offer ergonomic and functionality in today’s latest designs approach. Located in San Diego, where they consistently provide customers with creative design and colors to suit fashionable trends.

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  • Karen

    So need a kick slider or sleek slider for my new iPhone 7plus!! Used it for years now for previous iPhones but now cant find one for my iPhone 7plus!!! Please do one!!! Also!! Where in the UK can I purchase prodigee? There used to be an outlet in westfield stratford city but now they have gone!! Many thank!!

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