Prodigee Ltd. (“Prodigee”) has invested significant time and resources to build a reputation for providing the highest quality products and backing these products with Prodigee’s legendary warranty service and excellent customer support. In order to maintain the reputation and integrity of the PRODIGEE brand, Prodigee has unilaterally adopted these Minimum Advertised Price (“MAP”) and Sales Channels Policies (collectively “Policies”) for all products in the PRODIGEE product line.


  • The MAP for each PRODIGEE product is set at MSRP. Resellers may not advertise any PRODIGEE product for sale at less than then current MSRP.
  • Current MSRP information for all PRODIGEE products is available on the relevant product page at Prodigee may modify the MSRP at any time without notice to resellers by updating the pricing at or with an updated price sheet. It is the reseller’s responsibility to monitor current MSRP and remain in compliance with this Policy. Reseller’s must comply with any new MAP within five business days of the price change. Prodigee may suspend this MAP Policy for periodic promotions.
  • This Policy applies to all advertisements of PRODIGEE products. Advertisements include, but are not limited to, catalogs, online advertisements, fliers, mailers, circulars, mass emails, magazines, any print, billboard, radio or basically any means of communication. Advertisements include “add to cart to see price” and similar strategies.
  • This MAP Policy applies only to advertised prices and does not relate to actual sale prices. Resellers remain free to establish their own retail selling prices for all PRODIGEE products.


  • All resellers of PRODIGEE products must be pre-authorized by Prodigee.
  • Absent express written approval from Prodigee, online sales of PRODIGEE products are limited to the distributor’s own website for wholesale only.
  • Distributors may not sell PRODIGEE products to any party that is not in compliance with our current policies.
  • Authorized resellers may not sell PRODIGEE products through any channels other than those that have been expressly approved by Prodigee in writing.
  • Prodigee reserves the right to revoke a reseller’s authorization to sell PRODIGEE products at any time.


    Prodigee, in its unilateral discretion, will enforce these Policies, including through one or more of the following:

  • Notification of non-compliant action and reminder of Policies;
  • Suspension or termination of the reseller’s authorization to sell PRODIGEE products; and/or Suspension or termination of the distribution agreement.
  • Prodigee will unilaterally enforce this Policy. It is not subject to any agreement or understanding with respect to the prices a reseller may advertise.

  • Prodigee’s distribution partners are responsible for making sure that all resellers to whom they sell PRODIGEE products receive a copy of these Policies and any amendments thereto that are provided to the distribution partner by Prodigee. The terms of these Policies are confidential and are not to be disclosed to any parties other than authorized distributors or authorized resellers of PRODIGEE products.
    Prodigee reserves the right to modify these Policies at any time.