Lets Get Ridiculous!

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A game app for Apple iPad and iPhone has a new Bad Boy…..of Fishing?  That’s right, meet Billy, a gun-toting fisherman of the gameplay world.  Welcome to the world of Ridiculous Fishing -- A Tale of Redemption ($2.99), a fantastic mobile app game made for Apple iOS that is a throw back to the golden age of video games.


Billy’s adventures of the open seas are in fact Ridiculously Amazing.  He sets out on a quest of redemption to right his troubled past and repair his wayward ways through the demolition of fish and undersea life. 


As you navigate the globe, catching as many fish as possible, you only get credit for those you are able to Blast out of the sky, using an arsenal of weapons at your disposal. 


It has all the trappings of a classic adventure video game mashed with the expected features of today’s top gameplay apps.  You have a never-ending arcade world with all sorts of unlockable features and weapon upgrades, bombs, chainsaws, hairdryers, and, of course, heavy-duty fishing line. 

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