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Handsfree CD

Put your CD player back in use with the Handsfree CD by Prodigee. It offers you a convenient way to mount your mobile device to your front loading CD player. With its quick mount, quick release design, and easy instillation. This system is perfect for your Handsfree mobile needs.

Play CD's while Handsfree is mounted
360 degree rotation, Adjustable Height & Tilting to various angles for clear visibility & easy reach
Spring Grip with padded lining to protect your device
3 interchangable clips for a secure fit
Easy to install no tools are required

This mount will need to be removed to insert or remoce cds from the cd player. Compatible with all smartphones within 3.5"-5.5" (diagonal length), 2.16"-3.54" (width length).

iPhone 7/7plus / iPhone 6/6 Plus / iPhone SE/5/5s/5c / iPhone 4/4s / Galaxy S4/S5/S6/S7 / Galaxy Note 2/3/4 / All other phones 3.5"-5.5"