Hello Friends,

My name is GeeGee the monkey from Prodigee.
You might not recognize me, i started to exercise and drink protein shakes so i gained some weight recently. I was chosen by our team to represent the Prodigee brand. I was born in 2012 and lived in San Diego, California all my life. I will be around to share with you our passions and values. I will also announce company messages, holidays, new arrivals, sales, events and more.

Why Prodigee?

Before we begin, I would like to answer the one question everyone keeps asking me;
“Why did we choose the name Prodigee?”. The definition of the word Prodigy: “a person, especially a young one, endowed with exceptional qualities or abilities”.
Besides the exceptional qualities and abilities (which my team really doesn’t have – notice the way we spell our name) we are young, and motivated to learn and grow.

About Us

Prodigee is a young and talented group of people who are excited about technology and inspired by the geniuses behind this revolution. Although we are only dressing up the devices we all carry in our pocket, these small animals are changing the way we live. Not being so smart ourselves, it feels nice to accessorize such an intelligent and innovative industry. Our drive and motivation comes from design and the creative process. Making new friends and relationships, visiting new countries and learning about new cultures inspires us to create beautiful covers for the gadgets people use every day.

We are in an industry that brings so much excitement to our life, the passion for creating our line of accessories should be exciting as well. Our portfolio is diverse, full of flavor and color, what we can create is limitless. We are here to provide a blend that complements protection, fashion, and function. As a young company, we would like to support and give opportunity to young artists and designers to bring their skills, ideas, and art to life. We are thankful for the opportunity to sell our products all over the world. The trust and positive energy of creating new relationships continues to be our biggest reward.

Our team works hard, and is determined to reach our high goals. However, at the same time, we are not willing to compromise and give up on the most important values and principles of enjoying the journey and having fun along the way.

Our Values

Key to our success

Imagination is real

We are a team

Creativity is our solution

Relationship is everything

Learning never stops

Good service is a good business

To give is our reward